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We handle Investigative Bookkeeping and Monetary Fraud Investigation (Business & Personal). We are Certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisors and offer web based one-on-one QuickBooks® training, web based QuickBooks® set-up, bookkeeping, clean up & maintenance for businesses throughout the United States. We also offer Bookkeeping (Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly). We Also offer Free Notary Service for all clients.

Is your Company losing or missing money & you don’t know why? Do you suspect any type of monetary fraud or embezzlement within your company? Could it be your accounting system is just a mess riddled with possible bookkeeping errors?

Quickbooks Pro AdvisorDo you use or would like to use QuickBooks and need a little more know how? Are you so busy trying to make your business a success, you don’t have the necessary time to give proper attention to your bookkeeping needs and are unable to afford or would like to save money in hiring a full or part time bookkeeper?

Whatever your needs are, call us today for a FREE Consultation and see how we can help you get your Company back on its right financial track.


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