We offer web based one-on-one QuickBooks® training, web based QuickBooks® set-up, bookkeeping, clean up & maintenance for businesses throughout the United States.

QuickBooks® Start Up, Clean Up, Maintenance & Training
(also available via Virtual Web)

Start Up - QuickBooks® is one of the best small business accounting software on the market today. However, it can also become a confused mess very easily if it is not set up properly from inception. We can set your company up on QuickBooks® and train you on how to utilize this product, run effective reports and show you some shortcuts and tips to optimize and build up time efficiency for your business.

Quickbooks training, bookeeping, Innovative Business Solutions, LLC offers both office based and web based QuickBooks® start up, one-on-one training, maintenance and bookkeeping. We use a secure remote set-up to be able to send/receive, work and view the same QuickBooks® file you are currently using.

Training - Our Training allows you as the user to work on files familiar to you. We work on answers and train on the questions, areas and issues pertinent to your specific industry and business. We are different from the classroom environment because we don't waste your time or money on areas that don't pertain to you. We give you hands on instruction which works really well for those that require visual training as opposed to reading long boring technical manuals. We keep our training sessions to one to two hours so that the individual can retain as much as possible and then can practice and utilize what they learn as soon as the session is over.

Maintenance - If you are already using QuickBooks® or have inherited a Company file from someone else and you can't make heads or tails of it, let us come in and clean it up. We have the know how and experience to have your QuickBooks® Company file up and running as efficient and easy to use as it should be. We will also look at all the tools available to make sure you are optimizing all the services QuickBooks® has to offer.

Bookkeeping - Looking to save some money and/or time with your business? Let us maintain your books either on your QuickBooks® product or we can set it up on ours. We do weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly bookkeeping. No need to hire someone and worry about workers comp, etc. Let us take care of this for you and you take care of what you do best.

Tax Preparation - When tax season comes are you ready? Are you filing extension after extension? We can help you prepare. Let us take all your receipts, invoices, bills, etc. and clean them up for filing season. We want to take the headache and burden away from you. We will prepare your file on QuickBooks® and send it directly to your accountant. If your accountant has any questions send them to us. We cost a lot less than the accountant will charge you to do the same work.

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